The Enterprise Resource Planning System by Deacom
ERP software built for manufacturers and distributors

Deacom is the provider of an enterprise resource planning system built specifically for manufacturers and distributors with complex requirements.

The unique platform provides an entire suite of ERP solutions to run your business. From sales and accounting through formulation, quality control, and warehousing, DEACOM ERP is an end-to-end solution that satisfies the needs of all your business areas.

Enterprise Resource Planning with DEACOM ERP
Enterprise Resource Planning System by DEACOM ERP

Giving CIOs control over the IT landscape

Deacom’s approach to software development enables businesses to capitalize on some of the newest technologies available on the market. Efforts can be focused on advancing the technology that runs manufacturing and distribution businesses rather than fixing it. DEACOM provides a unique opportunity for IT departments to take back control of software management by consolidating the volume of outside systems being used.

Keeping the finance people happy, one CFO at a time

One of the common obstacles in ERP implementations is cost overruns. We avoid this altogether by providing our customers with a fixed-price implementation guarantee. We paint a clear picture up front as to what the implementation costs will entail, so that our customers have full visibility of the total cost of ownership. These costs will not change, regardless of the time it takes or the new enhancements that may be required.

Fixed price guarantee on ERP implementations

Explore the business processes improved by Deacom’s enterprise resource planning system


  • Manage Bill-to / Ship-to Customers
  • Enter Sales Orders
  • Use EDI to Automate Order Processing
  • Build Customer Quotes
  • Configure Sales Pricing Rules
  • Manage Customer Credit
  • Manage Consignment Sales Orders
  • Calculate Sales Rep Commissions
  • Manage Sales Freight
  • Process Orders with Credit Cards
  • Configure Sales Order Parts
  • Report on Sales


  • Enter Journal Entries
  • Manage Order Terms
  • Enter Vendor Invoices
  • Manage Accounts Payables
  • Process Accounts Payable
  • Invoice Sales Orders
  • Manage Accounts Receivables
  • Receive Payment for Sales Orders
  • Complete a Bank Reconciliation
  • Void Payments
  • Generate 1099s
  • Perform Transactions in Foreign Currency
  • Manage Inventory Costs
  • Build a Budget
  • Complete a Month End Close
  • Complete a Year End Close
  • Generate Financial Statements
  • Report on Accounting


  • Create Barcodes for Warehouse Transactions
  • Receive Purchase Orders
  • Ship / Receive Inter-Company Transfers
  • Putaway of Receiving Dock Inventory
  • Manage Quarantined Inventory
  • Move Inventory
  • Pick Inventory for Production Jobs
  • Put Away Manufactured Parts
  • Pick Inventory for Sales Orders
  • Track and Trace Materials and Finished Goods
  • Ship Sales Orders
  • Ship with FedEx and UPS
  • Generate Shipping Documents
  • Schedule Warehouse Docks
  • Adjust Inventory
  • Complete a Physical Inventory
  • Perform Cycle Counts
  • Report on Inventory


Quality Control

  • Manage QC Tests
  • Enter Purchasing QC Test Results
  • Enter Production QC Test Results
  • Approve QC Results
  • Fail QC Results
  • Manage At-Risk Inventory
  • Manage Catch Weights
  • Manage Stability Tests
  • Complete a Recall
  • Manage Customer Specific Quality Specifications
  • Generate COA Documentation
  • Report on Quality Control



  • Manage Vendors
  • Enter Purchase Orders
  • Configure Requisitions
  • Configure Purchase Pricing Rules
  • Process Expense Purchase Orders
  • Report on Purchasing


Production Time Reporting

  • Manage Workers
  • Enter Worker Time
  • Scrub and Post Worker Time
  • Send Payroll Data to Payroll Processor
  • Report on Labor

Customer Relationship Management

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

  • Manage Assets in MRO
  • Depreciate Assets
  • Create Maintenance Jobs
  • Manage Purchasing for Maintenance Parts


Direct Store Delivery

Point of Sale