Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Remove the barriers that separate traditional ERP and CRM systems

Maintain your customer contact information, manage sales workflows, run email campaigns, and track commissions directly within Deacom's ERP platform

Deacom provides CRM capabilities native to the ERP platform, providing you with the tools to keep contact details up to date, track interactions with your customers, manage sales opportunities, and report on performance. DEACOM gives you the ability to:

  • Manage customers through workflows, tasks, and opportunities
  • Track sales commissions
  • Report on sales rep territories with built-in mapping
  • Utilize notes in conjunction with your prospecting efforts
  • Define any number of custom user fields to assist in your sales process
  • Execute marketing campaigns through contact groups
  • Create and maintain email templates for regularly scheduled customer outreach
  • Access the CRM from your smartphone with native iOS and Android apps
  • Link contacts to customers and vendors, and easily turn a CRM record into a bill-to company
CRM Capabilities within DEACOM ERP Software

Essential CRM features to meet your manufacturing or distribution needs

Manage Contact Records

Manage Contact Records

  • Add contact person records, link to bill-to companies or vendors, and enter orders with pre-populated data
  • Formalize approval processes with configurable workflows
  • Assign sales reps as commissionable individuals associated with accounts
Manage Sales Opportunities

Manage Sales Opportunities

  • Track all new potential opportunities
  • Define custom contact search fields and use them to track leads
  • Use workflows to both track and, if necessary, require certain steps or tasks to be completed before moving on with additional actions
Launch Email Campaigns

Launch Email Campaigns

  • Set up email templates that can be used to send mass emails
  • Use any combination of CRM management filters to specify recipients
  • Capture and record email communications between specific contacts and DEACOM users
Track CRM Activity

Track CRM Activity

  • Attach documents and notes directly to contacts
  • Take advantage of pre-defined note types and configure new note types if necessary
  • Track quote-to-sale conversions
Generate Reports

Generate Reports

  • Run several different, pre-configured contact reports that can provide information on business trends, segments, or campaigns
  • Create new reports based on any number of filter criteria
  • Configure user access rights to specific reports with security groups
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