Adhesive and Sealant Manufacturers: Enable ERP Process Control

Challenges with unique industry requirements? With a single system dedicated to process manufacturing customers, Deacom can simplify your ERP environment and provide you the ability to:

  • Control your warehouse processes with a built-in WMS
  • Beat production complexity without costly customizations
  • Manage product quality to build quality customer relationships

Don't glue together ERP systems.

Deacom's ERP solution handles the formulation through shipment process in a single system, without bolt-ons or customizations. This enables greater process control than that with multiple programs bridged together between modules. The premise is simple: The software which requires the most customization will be the one most vulnerable to process instability.

Regulatory made simple.

A strong, process control driven ERP system can allow you to make regulatory compliance an asset rather than a headache. With control of the entire formulation to shipment process, DEACOM ERP will allow you to seamlessly generate GHS SDS forms and labels.

Control inventory.

Real-time access to accurate data is critical to making good business decisions – especially when it comes to inventory. Deacom’s ERP suite enables all functionalities like MRP, forecasting, and cycle counts to work together in order to deliver comprehensive and correct data at any given time.