Implementing ERP Success

Deacom's 99% ERP implementation success rate drastically exceeds the industry average of 57%. Deacom helps you drive ERP success by:

  • Providing a guaranteed fixed price implementation
  • Tackling unique business processes without customizations
  • Utilizing best-in-class project tools
  • Leveraging an ERP team that has deep experience in process manufacturing
  • Providing training through DEACOM University classes

An approach that breeds success.

The Deacom approach to ERP implementations breeds successful outcomes for our customers. This is big news in an industry where a mere 57% of ERP implementations are successful. Hurdles come up in every implementation in the form of unexpected functionality gaps. Unfortunately software demonstrations cannot cover every business process, so unexpected problems come up in every implementation. With Deacom, the remedy to any of these gaps is an enhancement to the base code at no extra cost. Deacom averages completing 22 enhancements per customer during each implementation process. With traditional ERP vendors, their remedy is typically a costly customization that is an additional charge or a clunky workaround that impacts the value received from the new ERP system.

Industry expertise.

Deacom focuses exclusively on the process manufacturing industry. As a result, our implementation teams have deep industry knowledge to help your business take advantage of best practices, while also maintaining your unique business processes that differentiate you from your competitors.

Project management to drive success.

The Deacom implementation also includes a project manager dedicated to communicating project status to your stakeholders, organizing both your project team and the Deacom project team, and ensuring that Deacom delivers the expected value to your organization. Deacom has a suite of industry leading project management tools it leverages that provide a tremendous amount of value to the project. These include a project dashboard, project plan, session syllabus, and risk register to share project status and milestones.