DEACOM ERP Implementation Service

ERP Implementation with Deacom

Our 99% ERP implementation success rate drastically exceeds the industry average.

ERP Implementation Success - The Deacom Approach

In order to achieve successful outcomes for our customers, we have established a unique approach to implementing our software. This includes:

  • Guaranteeing a fixed-price implementation
  • Leveraging an ERP team that has deep experience in process manufacturing
  • Tackling unique business processes without the use of software customizations
  • Understanding the "Why" before we show you the "How"
  • Utilizing best-in-class project management tools
  • Facilitating collaboration that is mutually beneficial to customers, project stakeholders, and ourselves
  • Providing on-demand training through DEACOM University classes and the annual DEACOM Discover User Conference
Deacom's Approach to ERP Implementations

What makes the implementation of our enterprise resource planning system different?

Deacom's no customization ERP model

Completely avoiding software customizations

In an industry where the ERP implementation failure rate is at 30%, some of the biggest hurdles that must be overcome are unexpected functionality gaps. Software demonstrations alone cannot uncover every business process, so customizing the application is a typical approach to solving these challenges. Unfortunately, as our customers will attest, that method leads to costly maintenance upgrades and inevitable version-locks. Our remedy to any of these gaps is not to customize the software, but to create enhancements to the base code - at no extra cost. We average completing 22 enhancements per customer implementation.

Deacom has industry expertise

Utilizing best practices with our industry expertise

Deacom focuses exclusively on manufacturers and distributors. It is one of the reasons our customers choose us when they require new business management software. As a result, our experienced teams have deep industry knowledge to help your business take advantage of best practices, while also maintaining your unique business processes that differentiate you from your competitors. We provide continuous guidance throughout the implementation of the erp system and help you solve any number of business problems along the way.

Deacom's fixed price guarantee

Providing a guaranteed fixed price

Anyone who has been through an ERP implementation in the past knows the impact that cost uncertainty can have on the project's success. Deacom's unique model and fixed price provide an unmatched level of assurance to our customers going into an implementation. We do not provide cost estimates or ballpark figures for your implementation. Instead, all costs are outlined up front and guranteed for the implementation. This provides our customers with full visibility into what their total cost of ownership will be and allows them to plan for the growth of their business.

Infographic showing Deacom's Process Engineering methodology of Learn &rt; Do &rt; Show

Focused on business processes:
The "Why-driven" approach

Deacom takes a "Why-driven" approach to the ERP implementation process. This means that our focus is on understanding all the different aspects of your business processes first, before ever providing a solution for them in the software. We do this by asking a lot of questions:

  • What are the problems you have today?
  • Why do you follow certain procedures?
  • What are you doing today because your current software makes you do it that way vs. what are you doing because that’s important to your business?
  • What are you doing because you want to do it vs. what are you doing because you have to do it?

These are the kinds of questions you can expect us to ask in order to understand your goals and identify the best methods for achieving them in the software. They become the keys to successfully implementing the erp system.

What else can you expect during your implementation?

  • A dedicated Deacom team that stays with you throughout the entire process. This includes a project management lead, a project manager, at least one lead product specialist, a solutions architect, and a data specialist
  • Clearly laid out roles and responsibilities both on Deacom’s side as well as your business’s side
  • A segmented implementation process that includes a project kickoff, process engineering sessions, training/user acceptance testing, go-live, and post go-live support
  • Regularly updated syllabuses that outline the schedules, parties involved, and goals over the coming weeks, months, etc.
  • Full visibility to schedules, project status, open tickets, and risks
Deacom's Approach to ERP Implementations

Hear from our customers about their DEACOM ERP implementation success stories

Silver Spring Foods

What if you could reduce your physical inventory variance by 99%? Silver Spring Foods, a US food manufacturer, did just that, proving that they had not yet reached their perceived max capacity. In order to scale the business, Silver Spring Foods conducted a thorough evaluation of their needs and requirements in an ERP system, finally settling on a selection.

Over recent years, D.G. Yuengling & Son has experienced significant growth as the brand continues its nationwide expansion efforts. In 2010, the brewing empire realized they were just barely "getting by" with two disparate, outdated ERP systems to manage operations in their Pennsylvania and Florida locations. It was clear that it would not be possible to successfully expand their distribution without uprooting that foundation.
Case Study – AMCO Proteins Implements DEACOM ERP

AMCO Proteins, a specialty proteins manufacturer, had been using business management software to run their company much like other manufacturers in the United States: by customizing various types of applications and bolting together systems to deliver specific capabilities. While the company was able to operate in this manner for a few years, gaps in their process were becoming more prominent as the complexity of the business developed. Here’s their story.