ERP Software for Mobile Devices

Simplify Customer Deliveries with DEACOM Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Deacom's DSD software provides one of the first Route Accounting and DSD solutions that is built directly into a full-scale ERP platform. The need to regularly update orders, customer details, and prices between two different systems is a thing of the past with Deacom's DSD capabilities.

Ensure data consistency across the entire solution

Complete unique sales processes

Provide real-time driver information back to the sales management team

Scan barcodes to improve delivery efficiency


DEACOM's DSD capabilities offer customers who have a distribution arm a unique approach to meeting their business requirements. Access real-time route management with information from sales, inventory, pricing rules, sales orders, shipments, and accounting all in one location.

Capabilities include:

  • Access the app from any mobile Apple or Android device
  • Leverage full functionality even while in airplane mode
  • Specify and select an unlimited number of routes
  • Start and end routes from a single interface
  • View and edit order details including status, start/end dates, bill to, and ship to customer information
  • Print customized receipts directly to a wireless mobile printer
  • Accept customer signatures
  • Scan barcodes and shipping labels
  • View, edit, re-calculate, and apply promotional codes to orders
  • View route location information via Google maps
  • Accept customer payments
  • Create new customer orders
  • View and edit real time order changes
  • Enter change reasons before distributing an order