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DEACOM ERP lets you create, maintain, and generate the documents your business relies on

Deacom provides its customers with the ability to automatically generate documents such as Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis, and other required information directly from within the ERP platform. Examples of the types of documents that can be configured and generated from the system include:

Document Examples Generated by DEACOM ERP Software
Document Examples Generated by DEACOM ERP Software

Deacom’s enterprise resource planning system provides manufacturers and distributors with native capabilities for generating documents without the need for bolt-ons or separate manual processes.

  • Create real-time regulatory documents using DEACOM's reporting editor
  • Calculate hazardous materials, gather data, and comply with SARA reporting requirements
  • Create and print Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labels and SDS forms based on actual ingredients used in each formulation
  • Deliver regulatory compliance data directly to online SDS forms
  • Automatically generate a CoA document with customer specific QC specifications at the time of shipment
  • Create SDS template forms using shared data groups for ease of maintenance
  • Create triggers to automatically send documents and emails after a system process is completed
  • Set up document groups that allow for multiple sets of documents to be printed at one time
  • Employ security groups to dictate which users can access and print which documents
  • Reduce the overhead required in maintaining reports by using data-driven captions for customers and vendors that require generated documents to be in specific languages
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In this brief video, Noah Wallace, CIO of Silver Spring Foods, discusses the benefits of using Deacom's ERP software to manage the various documents that a manufacturer requires in order to do business with its customers.

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