Application Support Specialist

Job: Application Support Specialist (Multiple Openings)

Location: Chesterbrook, PA


Your Future Job Highlights

Get your foot in the Deacom door with a role designed to provide you with a unique perspective into the business, software, and industry. To date, the foundation created from this position has advanced many successful individuals into roles within our growing implementation and development teams.

  • Truly make a difference - not just in your professional career, but in the success of Deacom’s customers and software. You will work in a fast-paced, impact-driven environment that empowers you as the go-to resource for critical customer operations.
  • Hone your problem-solving skills - strategize and work hand-in-hand with some of the most reputable manufacturers in North America to scalable processes and deliver outstanding customer service, troubleshooting, and resolutions to issues. This often includes collaborating with other Deacom teams to craft product solutions that satisfy customers’ business challenges.
  • Play a role in the development of the DEACOM software platform - without having any prior software development experience. You will serve as the voice of the customer by identifying product enhancement opportunities and making sure new products launch with customer usability in mind.
  • Control your own professional destiny - career advancement at Deacom is determined by performance, not tenure.

To Land the Job, You’ll Need:

  • Confidence! You must be an individual who isn’t afraid to take initiative and make an impact on the business.
  • Lots of personality and professional drive to fit into the Deacom Culture.
  • Rock solid written and verbal communication skills.
  • A degree in whatever. We’re Serious! Business, IT, Graphic Design, or even Brewing is accepted. (Actually, Brewing would be awesome!)

Extra Awesome (but not required):

  • Experience working in a customer facing role.
  • Familiarity with IT, ERP, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, or Accounting.
  • Experience in SQL, managing servers, or server applications.

This job is not a remote position and is located in Chesterbrook, PA. Relocation assistance is not available but anyone is welcome to apply. Deacom, Inc. does not sponsor employment visas. Recruiters, please do not respond to this posting. Deacom Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


No Smoking Policy

Deacom has a strict NO SMOKING policy. Employees may not smoke at any time during the standard workday. This means that smoking during the workday, including lunch breaks, is prohibited.


About Deacom

Deacom is not your typical software company. With a mission to simplify the complex methods of traditional ERP software development, we have created a solution that makes the big players in enterprise software curse our name. Our comprehensive platform provides an alternative for everyone who has lived the nightmare of failed implementations, broken promises, and clunky software.

Fellow adventure seekers: Embrace your desire to be different and join us in our quest for simplicity. Because as crazy as it might sound, we have a deep and abiding passion for taking the complexity our clients face every day when running their business and breaking it down to the simplest possible solution.

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