Why Deacom Exists

Why Deacom Exists

Watch Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom, illustrating the single-system ERP advantage that Deacom provides.

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The Single-System ERP Software Advantage

Deacom eliminates the ERP complexity driven by bolt-ons and customizations with our single-system approach to ERP software.

Deacom Single-System ERP vs. Other Typical ERP Systems



Manufacturers and distributors must have an enterprise resource planning system that addresses the complex needs of their industries. Capable of handling everything from formulation to shipment, Deacom's ERP software provides a simpler approach to meeting these requirements.

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Deacom for Manufacturing

Industry Focused

Deacom works to understand the unique and complex requirements across manufacturing and distributing and translates those needs into software solutions that help your business scale. Whether you are batch and process manufacturer that manages a multitude of formulations for different customers, or a distributor looking to streamline warehouse operations and gain visibility into your supply chain, our focus has allowed Deacom to take a unique approach to developing ERP software that provides long-term value and simplicity for our customers.

Customization is a dirty word

is a dirty word

Deacom has been able to reduce the complexity of ERP software by building a single-system without customizations. To eliminate customizations, Deacom builds a single system with all the unique requirements of our customers built into the base code. The Deacom approach reduces the cost of upgrades and system support to allow your business to continue to evolve with the fast-pace of your industry.

Deacom builds the last 7%

How do we build
the last seven percent?

In a vertical market, the last seven percent of functionality is the difference between a system that handles unique business requirements and a system that needs to be customized or requires cumbersome work-arounds. Deacom builds the last seven percent of requirements into its base code to handle all unique requirements through a single software solution, eliminate the cost of customizations, and increase business efficiency.

Deacom customer - California Custom Fruits & Flavors



Customer Insights

Jim Fragnoli, CFO of California Custom Fruits & Flavors, speaks to the reasons why Deacom does not customize its ERP software and instead focuses on developing enhancements that meets the business needs of all its customers.

No duplicated code means rapid new development.

Traditional ERP software systems have multiple applications within their ERP "suite" that span the business logic and user interface layers within their technology. This results in duplicated code for their business logic and slows future developments. As changes to logic need to be developed and tested in multiple interfaces, there is a higher likelihood for inconsistent user experiences across the application. With DEACOM's centralized business rules we can rapidly push out new features and functions in the ERP software while providing a consistent user experience across all applications.

Adaptability to keep pace with new technology.

With thin user interfaces and centralized business rules, DEACOM ERP software is well suited to continue to evolve with the rapid pace of technology growth. The traditional ERP offering is going to be slower to react because of the lack of centralized business logic and the thick user interface that need to be developed as a result. Who knows where technology will be in the future - the only certainty is that DEACOM will continue to adapt and evolve rapidly.

Scalable ERP software for all sizes of companies.

System performance starts with a strong foundation. Systems that are bolted together require a data footprint that spans multiple systems, with multiple bridges. Deacom's single-system approach has provided tremendous performance advantages by allowing the data footprint to be reduced to its lowest possible level. The small data footprint and single-system strategy drives system performance and allows DEACOM to handle larger data sets to scale with companies as they grow.

Deacom's Kaizen Development Philosophy

How the Kaizen philosophy benefits customers.

Deacom operates under the Kaizen philosophy, committing to continuous enhancements and improvements to the ERP software. Staying true to this renowned Japanese approach to management, Deacom has created a development methodology that promotes gradual and constant improvements. As new features are added to the system, they are simultaneously made available to the entire customer base. This enables companies to take advantage of new DEACOM ERP features faster than traditional ERP platforms. Like the International Olympic motto of "Faster, Higher, Stronger", Deacom uses this learning cycle to create a culture of gradual and constant improvement to get better every day.

Deacom follows the Kaizen philosophy