EDI Specialist

Job: EDI Specialist

Location: Chesterbrook, PA

Department: Implementation

Reports To: Project Controller


Job Highlights

  • As a key member of the implementation team, maintain Deacom’s ridiculously high implementation success rate by successfully connecting our customers to their essential partners.
  • Manage, implement and test all aspects of EDI for one of the most technologically advanced, all-inclusive ERP platforms.
  • Collaborate with Deacom’s manufacturing customers to determine EDI needs, fulfill those requirements, and test to ensure a successful launch.
  • Overcome our customers’ business challenges while operating on the cutting edge of EDI development.

The Skills

  • Understanding of EDI transactions, flow and format
  • Experience working with SQL, flat files and XML
  • A degree in whatever
  • Detail-oriented and organized

Bonus Points

  • Strong technical experience with EDI interchange platforms
  • Experience in IT or server admin processes
  • Data analyst experience
  • ERP, manufacturing or accounting experience
  • Experience working directly with customers


This job is not a remote position and is located in Chesterbrook, PA. Relocation assistance is not available but anyone is welcome to apply. Deacom, Inc. does not sponsor employment visas. Recruiters, please do not respond to this posting. Deacom Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


No Smoking Policy

Deacom has a strict NO SMOKING policy. Employees may not smoke at any time during the standard workday. This means that smoking during the workday, including lunch breaks, is prohibited.


About Deacom

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