Certificate of Analysis Generation with DEACOM ERP

Certificate of Analysis Generation

Certificate of Analysis (COA) documents typically contain the test results performed as part of quality control processes. They attest or affirm that the product meets the QC requirements established and maintained within the ERP system. DEACOM's single-system approach simplifies and automates the generation of these documents for manufacturers that require them as part of their business operations. Capabilities include:



Example CoA Documents
  • Configure and include any number of customer required data points on the COA documents. These can include, but are not limited to: customer name, product description, product ID, lot number, batch number, manufacture date, and expiration date.
  • Generate COA documents on-demand at the time of shipment.
  • Establish any number of standardized COA documents along with customer and/or product specific formats.
  • Automatically print customer specific formatting requirements on the COA documents based on the document selected in the customer master record.
  • Enforce signature requirements of the quality control team member and print the signature directly on the COA document.
  • Automatically include the test results of raw materials used in the manufacturing process for those customers that require they be present on the COA.
  • For those customers who have tighter quality specifications than the standard, DEACOM will only allow warehouse employees to pick lots that meet these quality specifications. The COA document will contain the actual results and compare them to the customer specific results established at the customer part cross reference level.



COAs and DEACOM's Report Designer

DEACOM makes it easy to set up Certificate of Analysis document forms directly within the system. By utilizing the built-in Report Designer, a user can set up a new form in the event of an item addition or customer requirement change. All aspects of the COA document forms can be configured with any number of fields such as measurement specifications, test results, data labels, and special customer formatting.

By automating the process of COA creation from within DEACOM, customers can avoid the potential for human error and completely eliminate the manual creation of these documents outside of your ERP system.



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