The Best ERP Software for Process Manufacturers. Period.

No customizations. No bolt-ons. No 3rd party workarounds. Deacom, Inc. makes ERP software that specifically handles all of the requirements that batch and process manufacturers have.

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Why Deacom?

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Deacom focuses on batch and process manufacturers looking for ERP software to help run their businesses. Deacom's ERP software lets you manage the entire formulation to shipment process and provides the tools necessary to enable process control in one all-inclusive system. Capabilities include:

  • Accounting, Sales, and Purchasing
  • Formulation, Production, and Quality Control
  • Material Requirements Planning, Inventory, and Warehouse Management
  • Sales, CRM, and Ecommerce
  • Direct Store Delivery and Point of Sale
  • Documents, Reporting, and Mobile

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