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Improve Customer Relations with Deacom's Ecommerce Solution

Deacom's robust ERP foundation includes ecommerce capabilities that enhance purchasing experiences for your Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) customers.

As part of its centralized ERP software, DEACOM allows for the seamless movement of real-time transactions between the ecommerce application and core foundation:

  • Product updates are automatically updated on the ecommerce site as changes are made in the core system
  • Customer orders are accessible in real time within the order management system
  • Reports are generated from multiple sales channels to include the most updated information

Deacom ERP Ecommerce
B2B Ecommerce with Deacom

B2B Ecommerce

Deacom's ecommerce software includes the features manufacturers need to provide a seamless user experience for retailer and wholesaler transactions. This includes restricted access, customer-specific pricing, and product categories – all managed from within the full-scale ERP platform.

B2C Ecommerce with Deacom

B2C Ecommerce

Built as a native part of the ERP foundation, DEACOM Ecommerce can be used to as a consumer-facing revenue channel and provide a straightforward shopping experience for your retail products. Set up special promotions and product recommendations without the need to juggle multiple software systems.

No more redundancies

Deacom's ecommerce platform does away with the need to decide where your business logic resides. All business functionality and data, such as customer information, item pricing, taxing, and order processing, are centralized in the core ERP to always ensure data accuracy.

Ecommerce software that scales with your business

Whether you have 500 or 5000 different products to sell, Deacom's ERP solution provides the tools to manage your master data, along with the front-end ecommerce system to deliver products to your customers.

Industry Specialists

Because we are focused specifically on manufacturers and distributors with complex requirements, Deacom’s ecommerce solution is well suited to meet the online retail needs of the Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Nutraceutical, Specialty Chemical, High-tech, Medical Device, and Paint & Coatings industries.

Deacom provides an ecommerce platform accessible from any device.

Deacom's ecommerce capabilities provide manufacturers with a digital storefront that is powered by DEACOM ERP.

This centralized approach makes running your business and managing product orders much easier. Customers that leverage this sales channel can:

  • Provide real-time inventory levels to customers
  • Create individual customer logins with contact information and personal preferences
  • Access updated data within DEACOM instantly when orders are saved or canceled
  • Allow users to set up order templates for recurring purchases
  • Consolidate sales reporting across all sales channels
  • Configure product exclusions for certain customer groups
  • Ensure secure credit card transactions with AES256 encryption
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience with support for company graphics and color schemes
  • Provide a fully responsive site layout that works on any platform and any device
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