Automate Serialized and Catch Weight Production with DEACOM AutoFinisher

The AutoFinisher is a feature of Deacom’s ERP software and built specifically for manufacturers of serialized and/or catch-weight products to efficiently weigh, serialize, label, palletize, and report on production. This tool provides the most value to industries like food and pharmaceutical, where requirements for serialization and catch weight production adds complexity to the manufacturing process.

  • Sync production data from AutoFinisher to DEACOM ERP for real-time reporting
  • Palletize and generate a license plate label for all finished products
  • Move jobs from scale to label in under one second


Benefits Across Multiple Industries


For food manufacturers producing catch weight items, the AutoFinisher automatically confirms that the item adheres to the weight specifications maintained within DEACOM ERP. It then produces the appropriate label for the product with the catch weight, serial number, and a barcode to be later used within DEACOM Warehouse Management System.

For pharmaceutical or nutraceutical manufacturers running production lines well over 100 units per minute, sustaining this rate while meeting product serialization requirements set forth by new regulatory laws such as the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), is of great concern. The DEACOM AutoFinisher is able to generate serial number information and print relevant labels at unit, case, and pallet levels without affecting production speed.



The automation features of the AutoFinisher include:

  • Receive catch-weight values directly from a scale or a machine without vendor configurations
  • Manage minimum and maximum weight thresholds directly within DEACOM ERP to ensure data accuracy of finished goods
  • Provide the required serialization for each unit, case, and/or pallet produced
  • Create product labels with GS1-128 barcodes and the required information including product number, catch weight, serial number, and expiration date
  • Palletize the product onto a master lot with the corresponding pallet label
  • Monitor performance of work centers and operators directly within the core ERP software
  • Perform tests of the scale reader without a scale, and without interrupting production, using the built-in loopback functionality
  • Process job finishes and generate labels offline when a network connection is unavailable. DEACOM ERP will automatically be updated with relevant information when a connection is re-established
Deacom AutoFinisher for serialized and catch weight production