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Job: Inside Sales / Business Development (Multiple Openings)
Location: Chesterbrook, PA

Your Future Job:

We’re looking for confident individuals who aren’t afraid to take initiative and make an impact on the business. If you like to be micromanaged, wait passively for opportunities, or are content with more questions than answers, this is not the position for you. Our rock star team of Business Developers work independently to investigate new business opportunities, market to potential clients, and build valuable relationships with future Deacom customers. As a critical part of the Deacom team, you will regularly collaborate with the Marketing and Senior Sales teams to scope and manage the solution sales cycle.


Those that thrive as a Business Developer will be placed on the Senior Sales career track which includes extensive sales and industry training by Deacom’s Founder and CEO. To date, 50 percent of our Senior Sales team has been developed through this program and experienced significant compensation increase both in salary and commission.

To Land the Job, You Need:

  • Professional and self-motivated attitude.
  • Experience in lead generation/qualification.
  • Lots of personality and professional drive to fit into the Deacom Culture.
  • A degree in whatever. We’re Serious! Business, Graphic Design, or even Brewing is accepted. (Actually, Brewing would be awesome!)

Extra Awesome:

  • Prior business-to-business sales experience.
  • Rock solid written and verbal communication.
  • Experience speaking with senior level executives.
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.


This position is located in the Philadelphia area. Deacom Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer


No Smoking Policy

Deacom has a strict NO SMOKING policy. Employees may not smoke at any time during the standard workday. This means that smoking during the workday, including lunch breaks, is prohibited.


About Deacom

We are the artisans of ERP software, the scientists, the dreamers and the risk-takers. Always seeking the simplest truth, complexity is no match for us. We are the oddballs, disenchanted by the traditional software model, willing to put it all on the line for what we believe is the right path - even if it is not the traditional path. We are the producers of an ERP software like no other, built specifically for process manufacturers looking for a better solution to run their business. An alternative for everyone who has lived the nightmare of failed ERP implementations, broken promises, and clunky software.

Fellow adventure seekers: Embrace your desire to be different and join us in our quest for simplicity. Because as crazy as it might sound, we have a deep and abiding passion for taking the complexity our clients face every day when running their business and breaking it down to the simplest possible solution.


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