ERP Software Hand Crafted for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Deacom’s focus on simplifying complex industry challenges can be seen in all aspects of its food manufacturing software. This includes things such as:

  • formulation management
  • production forecasting
  • maintenance repair planning
  • lot traceability
  • regulatory reporting and business intelligence
Deacom’s food manufacturing software provides customers with all the tools necessary, without costly bolt-ons or customizations.



Whether you are a beverage producer and need more control over your tank scheduling, or are an ingredients manufacturer and require greater insight to trace all your raw materials – Deacom provides the industry expertise to help run your business with ERP software that meets your specific needs.



Benefits of Deacom’s single-system food manufacturing software:

  • One set of business rules ties together customer service, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing and shipping within a single-system.
  • Resolve raw material consumption issues and reduce dollars lost with greater inventory visibility.
  • Fine-tune material purchases to match current food or beverage production needs, along with forecasted sales and production schedules.
  • Improve food and beverage product safety and traceability across your entire supply chain.

Specialized software features for food and beverage manufacturers include:




Why should you choose food manufacturing software from Deacom?

Scalability. Formulation Management. Quality controls. Lot tracking. These are just a few of the reasons why Deacom ERP software is the leading choice of food and beverage manufacturers looking for a single-system ERP solution.



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Read what other food and beverage manufacturers are saying about Deacom ERP software.

Food and beverage manufacturing customers of Deacom ERP software.

"In addition to our confidence in the DEACOM model and functional fit, we have confidence in Deacom as a long-term partner. I put a lot of value on the personal element of an investment such as this, and Deacom emerged as a true partner. We are excited to move forward with them as a collective team."
Jack Bodman, President of Operations, Vienna Beef LTD.



"The DEACOM model was refreshing to see during the evaluation process. The advantages of a true single software system are undeniable and we are confident that the change will bring great benefits to Harpoon."
Dan Kenary, President, Harpoon Brewery



"It's a very flexible system and we've been able to integrate all aspects of our business from the beer side to the retail operation to our point of sale, and sales and marketing. From my perspective I like the transparency of being able to look across all business units and across all facilities. "
Wendy Yuengling, Chief Administration Officer, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.



"At first, we didn't think that one system could solve everything for our complex industry needs, but now we believe that Deacom is the solution to all of our challenges and headaches. The entire company is excited to get up and running with DEACOM ERP and to see great growth potential as a result of it."
Jason Bergin, Vice President / Operations Manager, Bergin Fruit & Nut Co.



"Deacom's unique ERP strategy delivers a flexible solution that enables our business to scale quality production of our innovative products. As we continue to exceed growth expectations and open more locations, we are confident that DEACOM ERP is the right solution to support us in many years to come."
Earl Hewlette, CEO, Terressentia Corporation



"When we first started with Deacom we were a $27M company. Five years later we're at $52M and Deacom has helped us achieve that without adding any significant equipment investment because we're able to better utilize what we do have."
Noah Wallace, VP of Technology / CIO, Silver Spring Foods, Inc.



"My favorite thing about DEACOM is just how easy it is to use. It's intuitive and you just understand what is supposed to be done."
Luke Schafer, Director of IT, Cloverdale Foods Company



"DEACOM will provide the single source of truth we need to support the growth and evolution of our business. We will have a new level of confidence in our decisions because they will be based on quantitative facts. It is also clear to us that Deacom has a strong commitment to making our implementation successful. Their flexibility and responsiveness was exceptional throughout the evaluation process."
Tim Petron, COO, Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier




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