Fuel Manufacturers: Fuel ERP Success
with Better Process Control

Challenges with unique industry requirements? With a single system dedicated to process manufacturing customers, Deacom can simplify your ERP environment and provide you the ability to:

  • Integrate your PLC system with ERP for more real-time data
  • Tackle unique production requirements without customization
  • Improve visibility to production costs and yields

Integrate your PLCs.

The control points with many fuel manufacturing facilities are PLCs. With modern technology that allows robust use of APIs to facilitate data transfer, DEACOM is uniquely positioned to seamlessly integrate with PLCs for data capture within an ERP. DEACOM can help drive your business forward leveraging your investment in PLCs.


Control inventory.

Completing year-end inventory adjustments can be daunting, but what is more discouraging is realizing that the teams have been operating a full year without accurate inventory. Access to accurate, real-time data allows professionals to make strong business decisions with tools like MRP, forecasting, and cycle counts.

Regulatory made simple.

By implementing a strong, process control driven ERP system, regulatory compliance can be more of an asset than a headache. With control over the entire formulation to shipment process, DEACOM allows you to seamlessly handle the evolving regulatory compliance requirements.