ERP Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Challenges with unique industry requirements? With a single system dedicated to process manufacturing customers, Deacom provides a simplified ERP solution that gives you the ability to:

  • Formulate to new levels of success within a single system
  • Drive process control and inventory accuracy with a built-in WMS
  • Design unique production processes without customizations
  • Enable serialization during production

Compliance made simple.

The only thing consistent about FDA compliance regulations is that they are ever-changing. DEACOM is the ERP system that will help your business evolve with the requirements. With Deacom’s unique development methodology where all new system enhancements are made to the base code, you can stay on track with trends in the pharmaceutical industry rather than constantly scrambling to keep up.

Excite the R&D team.

The R&D team should be one of the corner stones of any pharmaceutical company. Too often they spend their precious time maintaining formulas in multiple systems. With Deacom’s single system approach to ERP, you can let the R&D team spend time doing what's important to helping your business grow - formulate. Thanks to built in formulation and quality control features the R&D team will again be in the driver’s seat.

Lot track like a champion.

Lot tracking is more often a headache than an asset for a company. With Deacom's ERP solution, you gain efficiency through lot tracking via the DEACOM warehouse management system (WMS). The WMS will allow the warehouse team to move inventory efficiently and accurately driving real-time data to all areas of the business. Ever wonder how great life would be with lot tracking and accurate inventory?... Come see for yourself.