Deacom Support

Drive Business Value with WOW Support

Deacom support is always available to make sure you are getting value out of your mission critical business tools. Customers are continuously wowed because they are are able to:

  • Collaborate with a support rep via screen sharing tools
  • Utilize best-in-class tools for managing all support incidents
  • Leverage a dynamic help system to enable new business processes
  • Enable more system upgrades to take advantage of new features
  • Engage our customer success team to generate more ERP value

One level of support - WOW!

Deacom believes in providing "WOW Support" to all of our customers in order to drive success. For this simple reason, there is only one level of support at Deacom. Forget sifting through fine print only to discover that your support request is covered under the gold plan while you are currently living under a silver plan. Forget submitting an inquiry only to discover that you have exhausted your support allowance. Finally, forget those calls overseas as Deacom's support team works out of its US offices.

Drive business value.

With Deacom, if you need support, we will provide it - period. We understand how you depend on your software to run your business and keep your own customers happy. Most importantly, we understand that software can drive business value when it is leveraged and supported correctly. We have assembled a support team with the experience, expertise, and passion to allow you to do all of this.

Tools for success.

Deacom has an industry-leading issue management tool called the Support Tracker. It allows customers to enter issues and track them to completion directly through the ERP software. The Deacom Support Tracker provides full transparency to all issues, making sure both teams are pushing them to completion.