ERP Software for the Nutraceutical Industry

ERP Software for Nutraceutical Manufacturers

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Deacom provides a software solution that meets the complex needs of the Nutraceutical Industry. By avoiding bolt-ons or customizations, our single-system ERP simplifies operations and provides you the ability to:

  • Complete new R&D projects with robust formulation functionality
  • Implement quality testing procedures that are inherent to built-in process controls
  • Gain full inventory visibility and traceability by utilizing lot tracking tools
  • Comply with labeling guidelines by consistently pulling data from a single source

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Effective Quality Control

A nutraceutical manufacturer’s ability to provide quality products is only as good as its ability to manage its inventory, production, and shipping. To remain competitive, you must maintain effective formula management and quality control processes for consistent product quality. Deacom’s ERP software gives manufacturers lot control and traceability from formulation to shipment, and in the event of a recall, provides the full audit trail of all transactions.

Regulatory Compliance

Mandatory compliance with regulatory agencies is a part of life for any nutraceutical manufacturer. To stay ahead of compliance, companies need to collect, organize, and retrieve information from across all aspects of the manufacturing process. DEACOM ERP enables companies to easily recall this data in real-time and provide regulatory reporting at the time of shipment. Furthermore, the company has the resources to implement a controlled and repeatable manufacturing process where the end results are always the same.

Validated Process Controls

As a true single system, DEACOM ERP was built to reduce the risk of process control failure by removing the workarounds that result from bolt-on software. Our software is built on the strongest technology foundation available to ensure flexibility, reliability, and data integrity. One all-encompassing ERP system also ensures your data does not need to go through the multiple validations required when systems are cobbled together. Simplify the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validation process with this strategy.

Vitality Works



Customer Insights

In this brief video, Juno Raby, CAO of Vitality Works, Inc., discusses two core elements the company was looking for when selecting a new ERP system.

Vitality Works

Read what our customers in the nutraceutical industry are saying about Deacom’s ERP software

AMCO Proteins
We don't want a temporary solution for tomorrow, but a permanent solution for our future, which is why we selected Deacom. Their impressive implementation success rate and loyal customer base contributed significantly to our commitment to not only the software but the company. By choosing Deacom as our comprehensive ERP partner, we are now well positioned to compete on higher grounds with bigger players.

Adam Cabot, CEO

Soft Gel Technologies
Having experienced the complexity that often comes with more traditional ERP implementations, the concept of a single software ERP without modules or required customizations was very compelling. We are looking to streamline our operations and the DEACOM solution is an effective tool to accomplish this.

Steve Holtby, President
Soft Gel Technologies

Our previous system was so cumbersome that it was not able to evolve to keep up with our pace of change and it was also very costly. By providing a single tool with which to tightly manage all of our processes, DEACOM is expanding our capacity to quickly deliver quality products to our customers through each stage of our our growth and evolution.

Robert Garrett, Director of IT
Twinlab Corporation

By eliminating bolt-ons and customizations, Deacom provides nutraceutical manufacturers a single system that enables the scalability of your business.


Deacom understands the production needs of the nutraceutical indsutry


Capabilities that support your manufacturing and distribution needs include:

  • Serialization - Automate the serialization process of units, cases, and pallets for those products that must comply with Federal regulations
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) - Reduce production time and material waste by calculating demand based on sales orders, scheduled jobs, and other indirect requirements
  • Formulation Management - Maintain multiple formulas for private label products with unique attributes that are required by your customers
  • Quality Control - Assure product safety with built-in process controls that enforce quality checks at various points in your production
  • Inventory Management - Track lots, optimize inventory levels, and keep tabs on raw materials across multiple facilities
  • Nutrition Facts Labeling - Create, adjust calculations, and manage nutrition fact labels directly from a single location
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