Nutraceutical Manufacturers: Manufacture Simplicity and Quality with ERP

Challenges with unique industry requirements? With a single system dedicated to process manufacturing customers, Deacom can simplify your ERP environment and provide you the ability to:

  • Complete new R&D projects with robust formulation functionality
  • Implement quality testing to drive process control without customizations
  • Gain inventory visibility by utilizing WMS features

Quality is King…

A company’s ability to provide quality products is only as good as its ability to manage its inventory, production, and shipping. To remain competitive, manufacturers must maintain effective formula management and quality control processes for consistent product quality. 

…And regulatory compliance his Queen.

Mandatory compliance with regulatory agencies is a fact of life.  To stay ahead of compliance, companies need to collect, organize, and retrieve information from across all aspects of the manufacturing process.  DEACOM ERP enables companies to easily recall this data in real-time and provide regulatory reporting at the time of shipment. Furthermore, the company has the resources to implement a controlled and repeatable manufacturing process where the end result is always the same.

Single system, single FDA validation.

As a true single system, DEACOM ERP was built to reduce the risk of process control failure by removing the workarounds that result from welded together software.  The software is built on the strongest foundation available to ensure flexibility, reliability, and data integrity.  One all-encompassing ERP system also ensures your data does not need to go through the multiple validations required when systems are bolted together. Simplify the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validation process with this strategy.