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TEC 2016 Certification Report for DEACOM ERP Software

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Certification Report - DEACOM ERP for Process Manufacturing

TEC Certification Reports provide detailed analysis of leading software solutions that have successfully completed TEC's Certificate Program. This certification ensures that Deacom has demonstrated DEACOM ERP's support for specific real-world business processes chosen by TEC analysts, and that TEC have anlaytically and comparatively reviwed research questionnaire data about DEACOM ERP against known benchmarks.


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Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research on DEACOM ERP

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research - North American ERP for Chemicals Customer Value Leadership Award

In this research based award, Deacom has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its capabilities to render unmatched customer value and consolidate its position in the North American ERP market for chemicals. Leveraging its expertise and sound technical knowledge in ERP, Deacom has secured an edge over its competitors in the chemicals industry by providing a single-system approach to ERP that increases productivity, reduces upgrade costs, and eliminates complexities related to customization.


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Internationalization within DEACOM ERP software

Internationalization - Meeting Global Requirements Within Deacom's ERP Software

International businesses are faced with a wide range of challenges in order to operate effectively in multiple countries. Deacom's ERP software ensures that customers are able to operate in multiple countries and meet the different requirements surrounding regulatory documents, language, shipping restrictions, currency, tax, and reporting.


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White paper: Don't get stuck in the ERP quicksand

Do Not Get Stuck in the ERP Quicksand

Have you invested so much money, time, and energy into your ERP system that you feel trapped? Do unexpected invoices for customizations and upgrades appear more than you ever thought it would? Are you finding yourself sinking deeper and deeper from reinvesting in your ERP solution?


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Avoid bloated ERP software

ERP Bloat

Learn why many ERP software installations have become so bloated that the software that was originally purchased to make the organization more efficient is now hindering these same organizations' ability to become or remain nimble, to be responsive, and ultimately increase the ability to compete effectively.


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10 Advantages of a Single System ERP Solution

10 Advantages of a Single System ERP Solution

When ERP software was first developed the dream was to create an application where information was shared freely between all departments of an organization. The purpose of ERP was simple; facilitate the flow of information and by doing so simplify the complexity of the organization. Integrated software systems were developed and implemented. Sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately, the reality is often closer to a nightmare. While the idea to create one central location for all information was good, multiple systems bolted together create multiple silos of information and, much like links in a chain, the connections between them are the weakest points in every ERP system.


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American Inks and Coatings - A Deacom Case Study

American Inks and Coatings - A Deacom Case Study

American Inks and Coatings was started and designed to be the low cost producer of the highest quality, most consistent ink and coatings product available for the packaging industry throughout the United States. But when an outdated system of customized software was getting in the way of conducting their business, the company decided it was time to implement an ERP solution that could meet all of their needs.


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