ERP Software for Cosmetic and Personal Care Manufacturing and Distribution

The ERP Solution for Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturers

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Deacom is dedicated to providing simple solutions to a complex industry

Whether you private-label, contract manufacture, or produce your own products, Deacom’s ERP software gives process manufacturers in the cosmetics industry the capability to:

  • Create, maintain, and promote formulations for different customers
  • Prepare shipments, maintain inventory levels, and facilitate transfers from your warehouses
  • Ensure proper labeling requirements with data sourced from a single location
  • Keep track of all actuals and budgets for expenses, revenue, P&L, and cash flow statements

DEACOM ERP Software for Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturers

Proper Inventory Management

The process controls built into Deacom’s warehouse management system allow cosmetic manufacturers, like yours, to utilize cycle counting as part of your inventory management processes. These proven capabilities have shown to deliver inventory management efficiencies across our customers’ entire business.

Formulated Without Bolt-ons

Avoid the need for disparate systems and keep your R&D processes moving forward with Deacom’s built-in formulation management tools. Scale formulations and components, view regulatory materials, and manage quality control requirements directly from the single-system.

Comply with Regulations

Deacom can help you comply with GHS requirements, cGMP and other FDA requirements. The single-system approach to Deacom’s technology enables effective process control and data reporting to make compliance simple.

What our customers are saying

Process Technologies
Process Technologies had previously been running three different systems to cover our needs for MRP, CRM, and accounting. By moving these and all areas of our operations onto Deacom’s single piece of software, we are able to capitalize on the provider’s innovation and robust functionality.

Steve Levine, President
Process Technologies

Raining Rose
Partnering with Deacom has resulted in far more than we expected. They took the time to learn exactly what our company needed and committed to delivering it - and that's just what they did. Deacom has pushed us to get better in every area of our business. The configurator and reporting have moved us to the next level. They had exactly what we needed at a time that was very critical to our growth. We look forward to using more and more functionality in the future.

Judy Lubben, CFO
Raining Rose, Inc.

Bocchi Labs
Many of us have been through disastrous ERP implementations in the past with other vendors. We have experienced the pitfalls of generic systems with industry-specific bolt-ons and heavy customization that lead to significant budget overruns. Deacom is the only vendor we evaluated that was designed to alleviate these risks and ensure a successful implementation at our current facility in addition to all future sites.

Dave Carpenter, IT Director
Bocchi Labs

A single-system ERP designed to help customers overcome their critical business issues


Deacom understands the production needs of the personal care indsutry


Deacom’s ERP software is preferred by cosmetic manufacturers and distributors because it includes all the features and capabilities that are required by this complex industry.

  • Accounting - Process transactions in multiple currencies, access real-time financial information, and track labor, inventory, and job costings from a single source of data
  • Formula Management - Manage formulations for different customers and define quality control checks that ensure finished products meet their standards
  • Material Requirements Planning - Use the MRP capabilities to make informed decisions on production needs based on time, inventory levels, and customer demand
  • Document Generation - Create and print the proper labels, data sheets, COAs, and other required shipping documents
  • Warehouse Management - Track real-time inventory levels throughout one or more facilities and ensure full lot traceability across the entire production process
  • Customer Relationship Management - Manage your customer information with the built-in CRM that allows you to manage contact information, assign sales groups, and track sales commissions
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