Cosmetic and Personal Care Manufacturers:
Drive Quality with a Single-System ERP

Dedicated to process manufacturers like those in the cosmetic and personal care industry, DEACOM can simplify your your ERP environment and provide you the ability to:

  • Create and promote new formulations without a bolt-on system
  • Drive quality through production and stability QC testing
  • Generate regulatory documents directly through the WMS

Beautiful inventory.

There is nothing more pleasing to the executive eye than accurate inventory levels (except your beautiful products, of course). For many companies, accurate inventory levels are recorded only once per year directly following the yearly physical inventory review. The process controls built into DEACOM and the WMS can help you keep accurate inventory all the time.

Beautiful formulations.

Keep the R&D team happy with the robust set of formulation functionality within DEACOM. Scale formulations and components, view regulatory materials, and manage quality control requirements directly from the system. This rolls right into every other area of DEACOM's single system so that the R&D team can focus on formulating rather than syncing formulas between multiple systems.

Beautiful regulation compliance.

DEACOM can help you comply with GHS requirements, cGMP and other FDA requirements. The single-system approach to Deacom’s technology enables effective process control and data reporting to make compliance simple.