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14th Annual User Conference

April 2-4, 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

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Whether you plan to participate in hands-on and interactive workshops or want to be one of the first to learn about new functionalities planned for 2019, we've got you covered.


Collaborate with Deacom experts to identify opportunities for growth and how to get there.


Gain insight into new industry and system developments to improve the day-to-day operations.

Have Fun

Let loose and have fun with the Deacom Community and industry peers while enjoying all that Philadelphia has to offer.

“I’ve been to a lot of other conferences, and the DEACOM customer base is by far the most engaged user base of an ERP I’ve ever worked with.”
– 2018 Attendee

Deacom User Conference Happy Hour

“We’re fairly new to DEACOM and this was my first time attending. But I have to say, I’m very glad I came, because it opened my eyes to the possibilities of what we can do going forward.”
– 2018 Attendee

Deacom User Conference Conversations
Deacom User Conference Techlab
Deacom User Conference One-on-One Session
Deacom User Conference Large Session

“I loved the Tech Lab! It was very helpful with providing additional information in a hands-on environment.”
– 2018 Attendee

Take part in over 70 different sessions, collaborate and develop new relationships with your peers, share your ideas with our team, and take the opportunity to have one-on-one time with product experts.


Get out of your regular work environment to refresh your mind, get new ideas, and be inspired.


Improve upon your existing system knowledge to become more of go-to resource for your company.


Earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits by attending sessions specific to your field and expertise.

“We come to the conference every year to have that one on one time with the people from Deacom that can affect change in the system. When we’re here, we accomplish a lot, we figure out ways to handle new challenges, and that’s what really keeps us coming back.”
– 2018 Attendee

Deacom User Conference Conversations

“I truly love seeing the passion, not only from the Deacom team, but in all the customers on advancing DEACOM to be a best in class ERP system.”
– 2018 Attendee

Deacom User Conference Dinner
Deacom User Conference Techlab
Deacom User Conference Keynote
Deacom User Conference One-on-One Session

“The conference is a very eye-opening and worthwhile experience for me. I’ve been a systems administrator for over a decade, and I still learned some tips and tricks that I’ve never heard before, and they’re brilliant. That knowledge is now going to get handed off to my team and we’re definitely going to get bigger, better, faster.”
– 2018 Attendee

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