DEACOM ERP runs on multiple devices.

We are the Artisans of ERP Software

…crafted to meet the needs of batch and process manufacturers within a single system.

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Multiple Applications, One Set of Code

Forget complex bolt-ons and customizations - with Deacom's ERP software you can run all of your business applications while utilizing the same set of code. Come explore the world of Deacom ERP software for process manufacturers.

Warehouse Management

Increase warehouse accuracy by completing transactions with scanners.


View dashboards and management reports through your iOS or Android devices.

Main Application

Run the feature-rich main ERP application on any Web browser.

Direct Store Delivery

Complete store delivery transactions through the DSD mobile app.

Point of Sale

Manage the retail store and complete transactions through the POS app.

Technology of Tomorrow

Whatever the technology of tomorrow becomes, Deacom will be there.

Customers Discuss Their DEACOM Experience
Setting the ERP Technology Trend The DEACOM ERP software is not just functional and downright handsome – it is setting the trend from a technology standpoint. Come explore the ERP software that evolves with the ever-changing technology landscape.
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